Nov 15, 2017

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Female Wasps, Not Males, Are the Main Concern for Pest Control in Spokane

Female Wasps, Not Males, Are the Main Concern for Pest Control in Spokane

Only female wasps can sting, as male wasps don’t have a stinger. This information may be fascinating to an entomologist, but property owners dealing with a big wasp nest under an eave do not see any usefulness in knowing this. They just want to call a service providing Pest Control in Spokane and have the technicians get rid of this potentially hazardous colony of bugs.

Most Are Female

When people see a group of wasps flying around or several hanging around the inside of a screened-in porch, they don’t typically want to investigate the situation and figure out which are males. There are some differences in their exterior characteristics, but wasp colonies consist mainly of females. Trying to save male wasps that don’t sting while killing the females with a fly swatter is an impractical effort.

The Ovipositor vs. the Pseudostinger

Female wasps have a body component known as an ovipositor. The main, original function of this component is to lay eggs. The ovipositor evolved over time to become a device for defending the colony by stinging potential predators. Some male wasps actually have a similar but relatively useless body part known as a pseudostinger. It can prick a person’s skin, but it doesn’t sting or produce venom the way a female wasp’s stinger does.

Growing Populations

The beginning structures of these nests usually are spotted by people in late spring or early summer. If the colonies are left to grow, they can build to tens of thousands of insects. They tend to be more aggressive in autumn as they compete for food, so the large population compounds the problem.

Studying Wasps Safely

People who want to catch a few wasps in live traps and study them usually can do so without the risk of getting stung, as long as they follow the directions carefully. It can be an interesting biology project for the kids in the family as they attempt to determine whether any of the critters are males. Nevertheless, calling for professional Pest Control in Spokane to eliminate large nests around the property is important so nobody gets stung. Browse our website for information.

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