Nov 29, 2018

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Features and Purposes of Storm Doors in South Jersey

Features and Purposes of Storm Doors in South Jersey

Storm doors in South Jersey serve several functions. These doors, typically made of metal, are situated to the outside of the main door of a house. The appearance is intended to enhance the look of the main entry door. They usually have at least one large screen or panels of screens that can be covered by the glass as needed. Most commonly, a glass pane can be moved up and down on a track. Other storm doors have screens that can be replaced with glass panes before winter arrives and removed again in spring.

Protect the Entry Door From Weather

The home improvement products are called storm doors because they can protect the entry door, commonly constructed of wood, from bad weather. The features, as installed by a company like Steel Doors Inc. prevent rain from blowing against the door. However, if the screens are not covered by glass, the door will need another shelter like a relatively large overhang. During windy snowstorms, piles of snow can accumulate against the door, and the storm door protects the wood from melting snow. Ice also will accumulate on the metal and glass of the storm door instead of on the wood.

Allow for More Ventilation

On days when the weather isn’t too warm or cold, the entry door can be left open, with the screens on the storm doors letting the breeze flow through. In some regions where flying insects aren’t much of a problem, people may not bother with storm doors and just leave the entry door open. In New Jersey, however, doing this leaves the house open for mosquitoes, houseflies, yellow jackets and other bothersome bugs.

Let the Sun In

Storm doors in South Jersey let the warm sunshine in on cool days to provide some solar heat. This can be a remarkable source of warmth as the sun shines through the glass, even when the outside temperature is chilly. Dogs and cats love lying in this pool of sunlight.

In addition to warmth, the household residents benefit from the extra natural light. It’s cheery and homey, and it helps reduce electricity bills since less artificial light is necessary. Contact us today.

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