Fax Servers: Types and Technologies

As you begin to educate yourself about facsimile machines—their basic operations, benefits and drawbacks—you really ought to know a bit about fax servers. A fax server is, in its most basic sense, a type of system that is set up in a local area network. Once a fax server is set up in a LAN area, any computer that is also in that area it becomes capable of both sending and receiving faxes. As fax technology continues to develop, more and more fax servers operate over IP. An IP fax server has quite a few benefits and is really quite an interesting gadget. Here are a few technical facts that will peak your technological fancy:

Fun Facts About Fax Servers

  1. An IP fax server has one major advantage over traditional fax machines for those who like to stay put. Indeed, they enable a sender to both send and receive faxes without leaving the comfort of their desk.
  2. Fax servers allow people to send high volumes of faxes without having to wait between deliveries. Instead of waiting by a fax machine for one fax to send before the next one can be fed through the machine, fax servers allow faxes to be queued and send when other lines are made available.
  3. Faxes sent by way of fax servers are often more professional and polished in their aesthetic.
  4. When a fax is received through a fax server, it is received electronically. This has the advantage of saving on paper and helping to reduce material waste. And we can all use more eco-friendly technology!
  5. Fax servers also have the huge advantage of keeping a record of all faxes both sent and received. What this means is that people are better able to monitor the quantity and type of faxes they have sent. This is helpful for billing purposes, as well as for your own personal (or office) records.
  6. Fax servers are a kind of software that have the advantage of eliminating actual, physical fax machines. This enables you to free up some much-needed space in either your home or office. With all this free space, you have room for that plant or portrait you have always wanted!

Some Concluding Sentiments on IP Fax Servers

Even if the newest technologies are not something that interest you, there are clearly quite a few advantages of IP fax servers over traditional fax machines. Keep these things in mind if faxing is an important part of the work that you do.

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