Jul 31, 2015

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Family Vacation Packages Allow the Whole Family to Experience Orlando

Family Vacation Packages Allow the Whole Family to Experience Orlando

The Orlando metropolitan area in Florida experiences millions of visitors every year. In 2013, sixty-two million visitors traveled to the area from around the world. Most of these visitors come to Orlando to experience the different theme parks and attractions. Orlando is perhaps best known for Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. Universal Studios alone had over seven million visitors in one year. Family vacation packages give you the opportunity to bundle your tickets to these theme parks for the best available prices.

Medieval Times

Officially called the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, this attraction is dinner theater designed for the family. It features medieval games such as jousting and sword fighting. All of the events are staged by actors. Certain locations employ seventy-five actors at a time and over twenty different horses. The location in Orlando is built to resemble an eleventh-century castle.

Medieval Times is actually a chain of dinner theaters in the United States and Canada. It was featured in the movie The Cable Guy (1996) and Garden State (2004).

Since 2012, the show has been referred to as the “North” show because it has a more distinctly Russian theme.

Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort is located in Bay Lake, Florida, but it is generally considered to be in Orlando. The park first opened in 1971. It is the most visited resort in the world. Over fifty-two million people visit every year. Many Walt Disney World family vacation packages are available. These packages can involve one of the parks or all of them. There are actually four theme parks at Disney World. Also, there are twenty-seven Disney hotels, two water parks, one nine-hole golf course and four full eighteen-hole golf courses. There are also shopping areas and other types of entertainment venues.


The weather in Orlando is very humid and subtropical. There are typically only two seasons each year. The hot and rainy season lasts from early May until late September. This coincides with Atlantic hurricane season. The dry and cool season lasts from October through April. There is less rain during this period, but it is still fairly warm. Typically, it is pretty warm in Orlando because it has a very low elevation. Also, it is fairly far south.

Summer temperatures tend to be in the 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit range. The high humidity in the area usually prevents the temperature from getting higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the humidity does increase the heat index to as much as twenty degrees above the actual temperature. The highest recorded temperature in Orlando is 103 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is lower and the temperatures are much more moderate during the cooler season.

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