Jan 27, 2014

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Family Homes and Luxury Estates: New Construction in Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista is a scenic area with beautiful mountain views. It is a well-known area for bird watchers and amateur astronomers. The active outdoor life and favorable climate have made it a popular destination for people looking to settle down.

When you begin shopping for homes in Sierra Vista you will find a lot of family homes throughout the city. A lot of the newest construction is occurring in planned communities. Each of these individual communities have a lot of amenities to offer their residents. They all come with pools, spas, clubhouses and playgrounds.

The sizes and prices of the homes vary according to which community you purchase within. New Construction in Sierra Vista includes energy efficient construction, energy-star appliances and custom designed details.

If you choose you can even purchase an empty lot within a gated community and build your New Construction in Sierra Vista to meet your exact specifications. These are private and large 4-acre lots which include exceptionally scenic views.

Navigating through the housing available in Sierra Vista is easier when you have a company like Castle & Cooke of Arizona at your side. They are planners, developers and builders of popular communities throughout Sierra Vista.

The neighborhoods created by Castle and Cooke are about more than just building houses. They create communities for everyone to enjoy. There are public-use parks and trails and they help to develop bridges, roads and more.

When you look at the homes they create you will find one-level and two-level family homes with up to six bedrooms. You will find luxury homes with three-bay garages and guest suites, smaller affordable houses and lots ready for building. You can select a home currently in construction or one which is finished.

If you are looking for the perfect destination for your family, Sierra Vista may be the place. The area has plenty to do both inside and out. There are many restaurants and entertainment activities available and the city is located only 70 miles from Tucson.
Come and see what so many others have already discovered, that Sierra Vista is a wonderful place to call home.

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