Family General Dentistry: Everything From Braces To Tooth Trauma

Sometimes, you require a specialist – someone whose focus is one specific area/ issue. Most of the time, however, you want a generalist – someone who understands the needs and issues of you and your family. This is particularly true in dentistry. In Phoenix, most families rely on their general dentist to addresses both their specialized and common dental problems.

The General Dentist

This type of dentist has a general knowledge of the various aspects relating to dentistry. This includes both the medical and dental treatment aspects. The type of individual drawn to such a practice must also be astute in interpersonal relationships.

Communication is key in providing dental information and advice. It must be able to address the concerns of all ages and genders. An understanding of religious beliefs and gender association is also beneficial. Moreover, although not a specialist, a general dentist knows when to refer you to one. Such qualities separate the good from the best general dentists.

General Dentistry

In Phoenix, the best general dentists provide both preventive care and active dental treatment. They are there to help you improve the condition of you and your family’s teeth. S/he works with patients to ensure they have the right information to care for their teeth. This is accomplished through various means, including the annual or semi-annual examination and/or cleaning. Pamphlets and other written information on establishing a regime of dental hygiene are available in concrete form or through dedicated online webpages.

Diagnosis of any problems may involve various diagnostic tests, including X-rays. This may result in restorative procedures, including the removal of decayed and defective teeth through extractions and their replacement with fillings, implants, crowns, or dental bridges. Those with misaligned teeth may also be provided with braces. Some patients may be fitted for dentures while for others sports guards, night guards, or other oral appliances may be recommended. These all comprise the basic tasks of many in general dentistry in Phoenix.

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