Facts to Remember Prior to Undergoing a Root Canal for an Infected Tooth

Root canals have generally received a bad wrap in the dental industry. Patients often fear this procedure because they believe it to be painful and invasive. In reality, it is a vital form of treatment that can get rid of dangerous infections and spare people’s teeth.

When you are scheduled for a root canal in Phoenix, Arizona, you can avoid the fear and apprehension about your appointment by knowing what will take place while you are under sedation. You can also keep worries at bay by learning what your upcoming recovery will be like.

More About Root Canals

Dentists who specialize in root canals in Phoenix, Arizona, typically will sedate patients prior to starting the procedure. You could be given a local anesthetic that will numb your mouth but keep you awake. You also could be put under general sedation if you would prefer to be asleep during the root canal.

Once you are sedated, the dentist will drill into the infected tooth. He or she will drill down into the pulp and nerve to remove the infection. The nerve and roots will also be removed to prevent future infections.

After the infected tissue is removed, the dentist will put a crown over the tooth. You will be awakened and allowed to rest briefly before being sent home.

Recovery From a Root Canal

Your recovery period will last for about a week and require you to eat soft foods. You need to avoid crunchy and hard foods to prevent cracking or denting of the crown on your tooth.

You also may be prescribed a pain medication or told to take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen. You can resume your normal eating habits after a week if your pain has gone away.

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