Facts of Anesthesiology in Chicago, IL

The word “anesthetic” is derived from the Greek word “aisthesis,” meaning total or partial removal of sensitivity caused by pathological causes or induced for medical purposes. Anesthesiology in Chicago IL, is the medical science that deals with pain relief and overall care of the surgical patient before, during, and after surgery. At present, this specialty includes many other areas besides the operating room, including pain treatment and management of critical medical conditions and emergencies inside and outside hospitals.

The fear of anesthesia

Many patients have expressed that much of the anxiety and fear they feel when facing surgery is caused by anesthesia and not the intervention itself. This feeling of fear is due to misinformation and ignorance that most people have. Physicians aim to provide the best care possible, and the best care possible is done on confident, calm and cooperative patients.

Types of anesthesia

There are three main categories of anesthesia, each with many forms and uses. They are:

• General

• Regional

• Local

Desensitization of the body can be achieved in many ways. All of them can be grouped into three categories:

• General anesthesia. The patient remains unconscious and does not feel or see anything. This is actually a controlled and reversible “poisoning” in which a variable number of drugs is employed. Some of these are injected intravenously or intramuscularly and other inhaled in the form of gases. The anesthesiologist will continuously calculate the dose to adjust the level of anesthesia to the needs of the intervention and the characteristics of each patient.

• Regional Anesthesia. The body part that is to be operated on is numb. For this, the anesthesiologist injects a certain anesthetic solution near the nerves that block the sensitivity of the area. The patient remains awake or in a light sedative state, but does not have any painful sensation.

• Local anesthesia. The anesthetic is applied directly to the tissues of the area. It is used for minor procedures on very circumscribed parts such as a hand, foot or eye. Sometimes the surgeon applies local anesthesia.

Whenever considering Anesthesiology in Chicago IL, it is vital you have a reputable and experienced doctor on-hand. Problems can happen under anesthesia, but these are reduced if you have a professional overseeing it. Visit Grand Avenue Surgical Center to learn more.

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