Jul 4, 2018

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Facts About Teen Drug Abuse and The Need For Drug Rehab in Fort Myers, FL

Drug use among teenagers is a pandemic across the country. Drug abuse does not even have to include illegal narcotics these days, as there are easily available prescription drugs that are being taken and abused by teens in every state. Here are some cold, hard facts to know about teen drug abuse and why Drug Rehab in Fort Myers FL is so important.

Fact One

More teenagers die every year from prescription drug overdoses than they do from cocaine and heroin combined. In fact, prescription drug overdose is the number one cause of accidental deaths among teenagers in America, and the problem is rapidly growing across the globe.

Fact Two

In the year 2016, more seniors in high school were regularly using marijuana than tobacco. While tobacco is also very dangerous, the effects of THC on the teenage brain and its development are still largely unknown.

Fact Three

Well over half of all high school students do not see any problem with marijuana and consider THC perfectly safe to use. However, clinical studies have shown the marijuana typically found on the streets is five times more strong that it was only 20 years ago.

Fact Four

In a survey of teens admitted to Drug Rehab in Fort Myers FL who admitted to using or abusing prescription drugs of any kind, 60% of them said they received the drugs free from either friends or family members. This is extra dangerous as prescription drugs are generally tailored to a person’s specific medical need. They are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all product.

Fact Five

Parents who regularly warn their children about the very real dangers of drug abuse have children who are 50% less likely even to try drugs. This is true even when the children are exposed to mass media glorifying drug use and abuse.

Fact Six

Those who admit to being addicted and are admitted into a treatment clinic such as Nextep enjoy the best possible chance of long-term recovery versus those who do not complete some form of a treatment program.

Click here for more information on drug treatment programs and how they can save the life of a loved one. Drug abuse is no joking matter.

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