Facts About Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati, OH

When the average work week for an American worker is increasingly exceeding the traditional 40 hours, it is only common sense the health of the worker will soon begin to be negatively affected. This is why Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH is so important. When the focus is on employees and ways to prevent workplace injuries, whether sudden or chronic, everybody wins. Here are some facts that one may not have known about occupational medicine.

Fact One

Occupational health workers take great pride in working hard to analyze every work site for which they are responsible. They will show up at the place of business, whether it’s an office, factory, or something else entirely, and walk through. They will take note of everything that needs to be changed or removed entirely. These include work habits that may be inducing unnecessary stress on the bodies of the workers or machinery that may be not ergonomic and is leading to injuries that could otherwise be prevented,

Fact Two

Instructions from the physician of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH, if heeded, can allow the worker to return to a much safer environment. When a worker is not unduly subject to abnormal physical stresses, they are both more productive and also less likely to be claiming workman’s comp. Both of these aspects are huge boons to the bottom line of the company. A happy worker is also less likely to quit, thus reducing the expense of dealing with a high turnover rate.

Fact Three

Occupational therapists are who insurance companies want to give the worker clearance before they return to work. If someone is injured while on the job, they need professional advice as to when it is safe for them to return. This can only be done by a specialist in occupational medicine. After the worker is cleared to return, both they and the company will know the chances of being re-injured are greatly reduced.

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