Aug 18, 2015

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Facts about Dental Surgery in Vancouver WA

Dental Surgery in Vancouver WA is the oldest recognized specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the mouth, jaws, teeth and associated tissues. When is an extraction done? The most common reasons for tooth extraction is tooth decay and periodontal disease (gum) However, other causes such as impacted teeth, anomalies of position and location, supernumerary teeth, etc. are noted.

The importance of postoperative care:

Do not forget that since the patient has undergone surgery, postoperative care is very important, almost as much as the surgery itself. The following specify more information.

  • Gauze dressing. After the surgery, a gauze pad is placed and must be kept in place for half an hour.
  • Mouthwashes. Do not rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours. After this period rinse your mouth four to six times a day with a solution of warm salt water (one teaspoon of table salt per glass of water) for one week. Mouthwashes promote and accelerate healing.
  • Ice. Use a bag of ice on the cheek or the surgical area during the first 12 hours. This helps to control inflammation, bleeding, and pain. Ice should be applied for 10 minutes with 10-minute breaks alternately.
  • Pain. There may be some pain at the end of anesthesia. This will be controlled with prescription drugs.
  • Bleeding. It is expected that some bleeding occurs during the first hours after surgery. If bleeding is excessive, attach a new sterile gauze on the bleeding area and apply firm pressure closing the jaw for 20 minutes. Keep your head elevated, even while sleeping (with 2 pillows) as this measure will suffice in most cases.
  • Inflammation. There will be some degree of swelling after Dental Surgery in Vancouver WA, but do not be alarmed as it will disappear in less than a week.
  • Numbness. Numbness or anesthesia of the lower lip is not uncommon after surgery and generally this is temporary.

It is recommended that the patient have soft food and / or liquefied consumption for a week after surgery. During the first 24 hours, foods and drinks must not be severely hot or cold. After the intervention, it is important to read and follow these recommendations in order to ensure their postoperative recovery develops satisfactorily. Contact Lewis Family Dentistry or their Twitter page to learn more.

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