Mar 28, 2019

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Facts About Cataracts And Cataract Surgery In Oahu

Facts About Cataracts And Cataract Surgery In Oahu

Cataract Surgery in Oahu is used to help those with cataracts who are seeking some type of relief. When a person is first diagnosed with cataracts, they might be scared. They might not know a lot about cataracts. The same can be said for their loved ones. If someone is going to offer support, they should learn about cataracts.

What Are Cataracts?

The eye has a lens that helps with focusing light or a visual image. A cataract affects the lens of the eye by causing it to become cloudy. A person can develop a cataract in only one eye, or it can happen to both eyes. A cataract can’t go from a person’s affected eye to their other eye. It’s something that has to develop on its own. One of the options to deal with having a cataract is to get Cataract Surgery in Oahu.

Who Is At Risk For This Condition?

There are some risk factors associated with cataracts. Most cataracts are diagnosed in older people, so age is the main risk factor tied to cataracts. There are also some diseases that increase the likelihood of developing cataracts. Diabetes is one of those diseases. Abusing alcohol, tobacco, or some other drugs can increase the odds of cataract formation. Anyone who wants to lessen their risk should avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Excessive tanning isn’t good for the eyes or the skin. Anyone who wants to explore treatment options for cataracts can visit Hawaii Vision Clinic.

What Are The Symptoms?

Older people should know the symptoms of cataracts. A person who deal with blurry or cloudy vision, colors that seem not as vivid, poor vision in low-light situations, or double vision might have a cataract. It’s important for older people to get regular eye exams so that cataracts can be detected in the earlier stages. In the past, people who were diagnosed with cataracts didn’t have the options that they have now.

A person doesn’t have to live in fear after being diagnosed with a cataract. After they have taken the time to understand the condition, treatment options should be explored with their doctor.

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