Factors to Consider When Buying a Custom Made Leather Jacket

If you’re looking for the perfect leather jacket that looks like it was made just for you, consider purchasing a custom made one. Custom made leather jackets are the ideal choice if you want something that fits you, gets you noticed when you walk in a room, and looks like it was made just for you. Here are some things to consider as you’re choosing your custom-made jacket:

Type of Leather

There are several different types of leather, and each has their pros and cons. Cowhide is the most popular, and usually the most economical; vegan leather is of course, not made from animals; deer and lamb skin leathers are typically softer and brighter; bison is more rugged looking and can be much more expensive.

Whichever leather type you choose, make sure you ask the manufacturer or custom shop how to care for and maintain your jacket once you get it home. This will likely include spraying on a waterproof sealant, and applying a leather conditioner so it doesn’t dry out.


Before you choose a style, consider what you’re going to use the jacket for. Riding your motorcycle? As an everyday coat for work or school? Or will you wear it only for special occasions? For example, if you’re going to ride, you’ll want a rider’s jacket. If you want it for special occasions, you’ll want something that looks classy and sophisticated. Length will also be a factor, depending on your personal style and use.


Of course, your ultimate choice will depend on how much you can afford. Have a budget in mind before you shop so you know what you can spend. This will avoid disappointments later on.

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