Factors to Consider for Historical Building Repair in Chicago, IL

Have you recently purchased a building that is in need of historical building repair in Chicago IL? Before having any work done, certain factors need to be considered. Take time during the planning process to ensure the work is done properly and the building is as desired when the project is complete. Following are four factors to be considered at this time.

Historical Importance

What is the building’s history? Is this a common building with many similar properties in the area or is it a special place, one with national significance? For example, a person restoring a home from the 1800s may have one goal in mind during the repair process while a person who owns a property where a great historical event took place may have a different objective. This information must be known before the process moves forward.

The Physical Condition

The current condition of the building must be determined before any planning may begin. This helps to determine if the building is to be preserved or rehabilitated. Preservation involves leaving unique features, materials, and space intact while addressing any minor issues. In contrast, rehabilitation is a process in which extensive work is done to repair the building or when it is to be modified for a new use.


If the building is being rehabilitated for a new purpose, how will the historic character be affected? For instance, a property that was once used as a grain silo will be hard to convert to a home because major renovations will be needed. This tends to have a negative impact on the integrity of the building as well as the historic character. The property owner needs to determine if he or she is comfortable with this before inquiring as to whether the actual work can be done.

Building Code

Regardless of what work is to be done, all building code requirements must be met. For instance, lead paint must be removed from older structures and asbestos carefully eliminated. The owner needs to learn what steps must be taken under the current code to bring the building up to the minimum requirements. This can be difficult when a person wishes to maintain the original character of the property.

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