Sep 24, 2014

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Factors That Determine Auto Insurance Premiums

Here are the factors that determine the premiums of St. Augustine auto insurance. If you’re under 25 you’re at greater risk of getting into accidents and as a result you’ll pay more for auto insurance. You may be able to reduce some of the high costs by taking driver’s education classes and by being a responsible driver. Traditionally women are considered the safer drivers so females could pay less for auto insurance than males although this is not true in every case. If you live in a big city with high traffic or high rate of accidents each year you’re likely to pay more for insurance. There are more factors that determine auto insurance premiums, too.

Traffic Violations

If you had traffic violations or if your license was suspended a few years ago you can pay higher costs in insurance premiums but the good news is that those high premiums are temporary rather than permanent. After you prove that you’re a better driver since the violations occurred, then your premiums are lowered.

The Kind of Car You Drive Is A Factor

If you drive a car that is used or that has safety features inside of it to protect you from accidents, you’re likely to pay less on your insurance premiums. On the other hand if you’re driving an expensive or fancy car that is easily subjected to theft or damage by others, you’ll pay more for your auto insurance.

Your Credit Score

This is another factor in how much you pay for auto insurance in St. Augustine because if your credit score is not the best, you could pay a higher cost for your auto insurance. It is important that you go over your credit report and pay down the debts you can afford to pay so that you’ll have lowered insurance premiums.

How Far You Drive Also Matters

Those who drive for long distances or who drive for long periods of time regularly are more likely to pay more for their auto insurance than drivers who do not drive their cars for the same distances or amount of time.

The above mentioned factors should be considered when you buy auto insurance in St. Augustine area but this does not mean that you’ll automatically pay higher insurance because you fall into one of these categories. You may qualify for certain discounts with a car insurance company and if you have a good driving record you may pay a good price.

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