Nov 24, 2016

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F1 grand prix circuit experiences

F1 grand prix circuit experiences

F1 racing is also about technology and speed. How can you obtain the maximum speed by using the modern technology? Find this out only at the F1 grand prix circuit. You put yourself in the seat for a life’s essential moment of glory in some of the world most striking racecars or you can simply buckle up in the passengers seat for a heart throbbing ride. You can learn how to drive like a pro that you have only idealized and dreamed about behind the scenes as this access is only reserved for F1 drivers and teams. It surely doesn’t get better than this!

There is various type of experience you can avail at the circuit.

  • Driving experiences: you can simply take charge of the wheel and unleash your adrenalin. We have unbelievable F1 circuit driver experience to suit almost every entertainment seeking and motor racing fan out there.

  • Passenger experiences: Ready for some traditional fun? F1 circuit passenger experiences offer a variety of amazing rides. Feel the elegant, purring prowess of the Aston Martin G4 or experience the adrenaline shaking and rumbling Yas three-seated dragster and many more.

  • Schools and academics: If you are looking to take your racing skills to the next level, you can take private circuit driving lessons or a rigorous drag racing course. F1 grand prix circuit offers tuitions by the professionals.

Get ready to unleash the control of the straights of the freeway or voyage the coastline. Test your bravery behind the wheel or simply sit back and enjoy the ride by our experienced professional drivers. Bring somebody alone or take the car on a double tour to double the thrill!

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