Aug 16, 2014

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Exterior Solar Shades Keep You Comfortable and Protect You from the Sun

For a long time now, people have understood the need to place some sort of barrier between themselves and the sun. When you get tired of having the sun in your eyes, you put on sunglasses. When the sun starts to burn your skin, you put on sun block. If you apply the same theory to your home, it makes perfect sense to put up some sort of barrier between your home and the sun, particularly in the most vulnerable spots like windows.

Sunlight’s Effect on Your Comfort
While sunlight can be a very beneficial thing, bringing life to plants, giving essential vitamins to humans and allowing them to see, it can also bring discomfort and even danger. Every child is warned not to look directly at the sun to avoid severely damaging their eyes, but honestly most don’t need this warning because looking at the sun is so uncomfortable that nobody really wants to do it anyway. Allowing too much sunlight into your home can be uncomfortable enough – in some cases it can even cause enough discomfort to trigger a migraine headache. In addition to brightness, sunlight also brings heat. While this can be very welcome in the winter, on a 90 degree summer day, the last thing you want is to make your air conditioner work harder by allowing sunlight to warm up the interior of your house by streaming in through unfiltered windows.

What Exterior Solar Shades Can Do
An Exterior Solar Shade works on the same principle as a basic interior window shade. When you want to block out the sun or get some privacy, you lower the shade. What is different about an exterior solar shade is that it sits outside the window, so it can extend beyond the glass and block or screen the sun and view completely, stopping up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Depending on the model you choose, exterior solar shades can be manually operated or fully automated, but either way they will fit perfectly into the décor of your home and make the exterior look even more attractive, whether they are up or down.

If you’d like to see what exterior solar shades can do to make you more comfortable in your own home, visit

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