Extending The Life Of Your Dental Saliva Ejector

Maintaining and caring for all dental systems and equipment can extend the life of the various equipment and tools used in a dental office. Of course, patient safety is also a critical factor, and there are different standards and requirements to maintain the sanitary condition of any type of equipment that is used with multiple patients.

An example of these multiple use types of tools or equipment options, a dental saliva ejector, and the associated suction lines need to be routinely cleaned. Most dental offices now use disposable or single-use tips, but the custom dental saliva ejector must be cleaned and maintained, as will the suction lines. This is essential in the event that any backflow occurs during use, protecting patients from the possibility of cross-contamination.

Between Patients

Even with disposable tips and the daily disinfection of the suction lines, it is still a good idea to use an approved cleaner or disinfectant between patient appointments. This cleaner and disinfectant can be drawn through the system, eliminating any bacteria, viruses, or other types of contaminants.

This is also a good idea to keep blood or small debris or chips from lodging in the dental saliva ejector body. When these chips or debris are present, there is an increased risk of issues with seals and the performance of the system.

Keep in mind, do not use any non-approved types of cleaners or disinfectants. Always check with the manufacturer as products that contain specific chemicals, such as chlorine, can damage the lines and the materials of the ejector seals and body.

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