Nov 20, 2014

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Extend the Life of Your Care WIth a Regular Oil Change in Tulsa

Keeping a vehicle running smoothly can take a lot of effort, but one simple task can save you a lot of headache. This is having an engine Oil Change Tulsa performed on a regular basis. Automobile engines are internal combustion devices. This means they burn a fuel inside the engine. This process creates a lot of heat, friction and carbon buildup. The engine oil helps by lubricating the interior of the motor and reducing the friction level of moving parts. In the process it helps to cool the engine a little, but the oil can also accumulate part of the carbon residue. Over time this will make the oil dirty and degraded which reduces its efficiency.

Changing your motor oil has two basic steps. First, you remove the old oil and filter. While this may seem obvious, some people think replacing the filter is optional. The oil filter collects much of the sludge that the oil accumulates. After a while the filter material gets full and the filter no longer functions properly. This means the sludge is going back into the engine and gumming things up. Once the new filter and oil plug are in place you carefully add the right amount of oil. The trick in this step is to know how much oil to place in the engine. Too much oil can cause the lubricant to froth and not pump properly. Too little oil and there may not be enough pressure to put the oil where it is needed. If your engine is due for an Oil Change in Tulsa be sure to visit

Every car has a different interval between oil changes. At one time the expected duration between these changes was three to six thousand miles depending on the vehicle and the way you drive. Modern automobiles have smaller engines with a higher RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). However, as engines have advanced so has their oil. The current crop of oil is designed to support today’s engine speeds and higher operating temperatures. Still, it pays to know what the manufacturer suggests for your vehicle. Changing the oil too soon may be wasting your money, but not changing it often enough could cost you more in the long run. Visit website for more details.

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