Exploring the Different Options for Walkers in Ledyard CT

For patients who find it difficult to walk without some sort of support, it pays to consider investing in a walker. With some many designs for walkers in Ledyard City, choosing the right one can seem like quite a task. Here are some tips for evaluating the different options and settling on a design that is ideal for the user. Standard Aluminum Walkers One of the most common types of Walkers in Ledyard CT is the standard aluminum device. This is a simple frame that includes four legs, a sturdy metal frame, and grip bars for each hand. Each of the four legs are equipped with rubber tips to help prevent sliding.

With some brands, the grip bars are also covered in some type of material to prevent slippage. Typically, the legs can be adjusted to fit the height of the user, so there is no need to walk in a hunched over position. Some aluminum walkers are constructed to allow the two sides to fold against the middle. That makes them easy to fold and store in the trunk of a car when necessary. Rolling Medical WalkersA variation on the standard walker is one equipped with two wheels or rollers on the front legs. Instead of having to lift the walker to move it forward, all the user has to do is give a little push. When there is the desire to stop, the tips on the back legs will provide the traction to stop the forward motion. These walkers can also be equipped with four rollers rather than two. Typically, these designs will also include some sort of hand operating brake located along one of the grip bars. By pressing the brake mechanism, it is possible to lock the wheels for as long as desired. When the user wants to move forward again, it is simple enough to disengage the brake and continue forward. Choosing the right type depends on accurately assessing the level of mobility and upper body strength that the user possesses. A good approach is to visit a local pharmacy and ask to see one of each kind. Try both of them out in the store by moving around a little. That will provide a good idea of which design is the best fit.

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