Exploring How the Catholic Church Is Building Community in Detroit

Differentiating itself from many other developed nations, the United States remains a bastion of regular church attendance. Nowhere is this truer than in the Detroit metro area. For a variety of historical and cultural reasons, people in this region are deeply drawn to the feelings of stability church membership can engender. One excellent way to get involved in the local church scene is to start attending the Old St Mary’s daily masses Detroit offers. These religious services draw a wide variety of people from many ethnicities and walks of life.

A lot of the small churches you’ll find in local neighborhoods are newer, up-and-coming faith organizations. The Catholic church in Detroit is a different kind of organization altogether. Catholicism has very deep roots in this historic city. Well-established churches like Old St. Mary’s are rarely demanding of parishioners’ time or resources. On the contrary, these organizations are constantly looking for ways to help their congregants prosper. During crises related to health or finances, you can rely on well-established churches like these for material and moral support.

The beautiful architecture at Old St. Mary’s has drawn in many curious people who never previously exhibited any particular interest in Catholic churches. This imposing cathedral is the third oldest church in Detroit. Though this building is a local landmark, it is far more than just a tourist attraction. Six days per week, visitors can rejuvenate their souls at one of the Old St Mary’s daily masses Detroit residents have cherished for generations. Open to the public, these relaxing ceremonies are held around noon on weekdays and Saturdays. Quite a few commentators have spoken to the soothing effects that you can feel while observing or participating in a Catholic service.

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