Oct 11, 2013

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Exploring Bariatric Surgery in TX

Dr. Merriman of Freedom From Obesity is recognized as one of the most reputable and experienced weight loss surgeons in the states of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. This is a doctor who frequently promotes Bariatric Surgery in TX to overweight individuals who are ready to change and improve their lives.

Being severely overweight, also known as morbidly obese, is a serious medical condition. Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of being severely overweight will be the first to come forward and confirm how hard it can be to shed pounds once you’ve gone past the point of being a little overweight. Bariatric Surgery in TX helps the body by restricting the amount of food that the body is able to intake.

Interestingly enough, this weight loss surgery actually stemmed from a series of operations that were performed on individuals with cancer and ulcers in their stomach and/or small intestines. After the surgery, doctors began to notice that patients were losing a great deal of weight. After this observation was made the surgery was used for the very first time to treat obesity approximately 40 years ago.

Typically, the surgeon who performs this weight loss surgery for you is either going to do restrictive surgery or malabsorptive surgery. Restrictive surgery is a process that reduces the size of your stomach by closing or removing a portion of it. This results in you needing to consume less food in order to feel full. Malabsorptive surgery is a procedure that shortens how long your small intestines are and changes where they connect to your stomach at. The purpose of this procedure is to limit the amount of food that your body is able to absorb before it makes it through your digestive system.

Naturally, losing weight is the number one benefit of bariatric surgery. Most patients will rapidly lose weight until anywhere from 18 months to 24 months after the surgery. While you may gain some of the weight back, it is very unlikely to gain very much of it back. Medical conditions related to obesity such as diabetes have also been known to dramatically improve thanks to this surgery.


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