Mar 5, 2014

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Explore Water Heater Options in Toledo OH

Explore Water Heater Options in Toledo OH

When the faucet is turned on, homeowners expect a steady, reliable flow of hot water for showers, dishes and laundry needs. Sooner or later, however, all water heaters fail. When that happens – when only cold water flows from the hot water faucet – it’s time to call a professional. In some cases, the water heater may be repairable, but often it simply makes more sense to replace an older unit.

The ubiquitous tank holding hot water ready to distribute throughout the house is pretty standard. The majority of homes in the United States are equipped with hot water heaters ranging in size from 30 gallon to 55 gallon capacities. Cold water flows into the tank as heated water leaves to be used by the homeowners, and that cold water is then heated to a preset temperature using gas, electricity or sometimes oil. Over the years, the efficiency of these units has increased dramatically, but the cost of heating water continues to rise as utility costs go up. Many homeowners seeking to replace a water heater in Toledo OH are looking for ways to heat water more efficiently.

Professional Toledo area plumbers, like those from Atlas Heating (, work with homeowners to evaluate their hot water use and suggest the most cost effective options. Because different families use varying amounts of hot water throughout the day, there is simply no one best solution for every application. For some homes, the traditional tank type water heater may still be the best option, especially if a high efficiency unit is selected. For other homeowners, there may be better alternatives.

Tankless water heaters, for example, have routinely been used in other countries for years. Early models marketed in this country were less than reliable, turning off some consumers to the entire concept. Newer tankless water heaters, however, are much more reliable, and because they are very efficient, should be considered as a viable option for many Toledo area homes.

Professionals installing a new water heater in Toledo OH also market and service heating and air conditioning systems. Better companies also sell and service Toledo and Oregon OH boiler heating systems. When servicing or replacing a water heater, consider inspecting heating and cooling systems as well to keep those units operating as efficiently as possible.

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