Explore the Amenities Available to Members Before Choosing a Golf Club

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you may be looking for a club in your city. Consider joining one that offers numerous perks for its members and looks into whether the golf course has nine or 18 holes to play.

Before you join any of the best golf courses in Lake Geneva, WI, first explore the benefits that are available to you once you pay your membership in full. These perks could make the price worth the investment.

Full Round of Golf

When you play on the best golf courses in Lake Geneva, WI, you expect to play all nine or 18 rounds of golf, so you want a course that is more than just a driving range. As a golf enthusiast, you’re likely planning to play more than just one or two holes of the game.

A full-service golf course will have a full-scale size and let you play up to 18 holes of golf. You can spend hours out on the course perfecting your game.

Banquet Facilities

As a club member, you can take advantage of the other on-site amenities such as the banquet and dining facilities, which can be reserved for special occasions. If you plan on hosting a wedding, birthday celebration, or anniversary party, you might want to hold it someplace other than your home. Given the large nature of these events, you may need a venue that is large enough to accommodate several dozen guests.

A club banquet room will have space as well as scenic surroundings to make for a memorable event. These rooms can usually only be booked by club members after paying a deposit.

You can find out more about golf club memberships and their perks online. Contact Abbey Springs Country Club to make an appointment or to schedule a tour of the club in person today.

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