Explore a Fax Server Solution that Works

While many companies across the globe have transitioned away from the use of standard fax machines, the technology is still widely used. That means corporations big and small must keep fax machines or related technology up and running to provide document delivery to clients and others who still use the standard setup. There is a way to embrace the modern while still meeting the demands of those on older systems. A computer-based, VoIP fax server solution can deliver the power and benefits companies need.

How a VoIP Fax Server Solution Works

A fax server solution that is VoIP based draws on the use of the same technology that powers voice communications over the Internet. The difference here is that a special software package is used to transform computers routed in a VoIP system into faxing powerhouses. This benefits a company by:

1. Eliminating the need to buy and maintain fax machines for every office location. This can save a significant amount depending on the size of a firm and the volume of use fax machines see.

2. Transforming all computers in a network into faxing devices. This can save employees time and also increase responses to customers.

3. Supporting the use of document imagining services in offices where a paperless goal is desired. Faxes can be transmitted via the Internet using basically any email client rather than manually using paper. This enables faster storage and filing of incoming important faxes. It also streamlines sending faxes to multiple outlets at once.

What to Look for in a Solution

Fax server solution options are not all the same. The best programs offer a few distinct features that enable them to stand above the rest. They include:

1. Ability to use the technology across an entire enterprise with ease, essentially turning all computers into functional fax machines if this is required.

2. Email compatibility that removes the need to train employees in the use of the new technology. The best fax server solution options work with virtually any email client, which means instant deployment.

3. Speaking of deployment, this shouldn’t require a long and involved process. Sound programs can be deployed virtually in a very seamless fashion.

Hanging on to old fax machines is important for serving some clients. But, there’s a way to lose this technology without losing the ability to serve those who still rely on it.

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