Expert Tips On Trailer Service In Cameron Park

Thinking the trailer is perfectly usable only to find out the axle is bent can be very frustrating. While a serious problem, it is still a problem able to be corrected by oneself with a little bit of know-how and elbow grease. Here are some tips on how to do just that. Of course, a company such as Vintage Transport can always do the job as well.

In The Beginning

An axle for a trailer will be of the metal tube variety. If a trailer has the unfortunate luck to suffer through a skid that is not controlled or a direct collision, it can easily become bent. Usually, it will not be necessary to replace the axle, as it can simply be repaired by bending it back into shape again. It will need to be welded after the straightening is complete so the owner may still want to bring it in for professional Trailer Service in Cameron Park. If the axle is of the square variety, repairs are not recommended. The axle will need to be completely replaced.

The Removal

Remove the axle by removing the wheels first. This can be done just as if it is a car. Unscrew the lug nuts so they are loosened and then jack the trailer up. Proceed to finish removing the lug nuts and then remove the wheels. The axle can then just be popped right off. Find the spot on the axle where the rod has been bent. Go to the opposite side, where the bend is pushing out, and cut into it by using a metal grinder. This will cut the axle into two.

The Repair

Hammer the axle back into a straight form. This can be done via several hard blows with a hammer. Use a level to ensure the rod retains its straightness. Weld the two pieces back together again. If welding is not something the trailer owner wants to do or does not know how to do, it is best to see a company for professional Trailer Service Cameron Park. This will ensure the job is done correctly.

Browse the website if there are any questions about trailer repair. If an appointment needs to be made, a member of the staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

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