Jul 31, 2018

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Expectations for Wrongful Death Lawyers in Vermont

When a loved one suddenly dies in an accident or incident, it leaves those left behind traumatized. The natural reaction is to place blame on a third party to make sense of the event. In some cases, the death is due to negligence, inaction, or medical malpractice. That constitutes wrongful death, and a lawsuit is an appropriate action. If negligence is not present, the death was a tragic accident, and there may be no one to blame.

How to Know the Difference

The best way to discover if the event resulted in wrongful death is to schedule a free initial consultation with Wrongful Death Lawyers in Vermont. The lawyer will review the information, evaluate the case, and discuss options and possible outcomes. The burden of proof will be on the lawyer, so experienced lawyers will be honest in their recommendations. If negligence is not the cause, the lawyer will tell you that.

If a lawsuit is warranted, most lawyers, such as those at McVeigh Skiff LLP, will take the case on a contingency basis. That means there will be no legal fees charged unless and until a settlement or judgment is reached. It is always worth the time and effort to speak with an experienced lawyer because much can be gained from a successful lawsuit.

Possible Results

One reason to pursue a case is to bring about change in practices, conditions, or safety procedures. This will not bring a loved one back but may prevent another partner, parent, of the family from going through the same overwhelming and devastating experience. Medical professionals have been barred from practicing, companies have altered policies and training programs, and products have been discontinued as results of previous legal action.


The sudden loss of a family member will have drastic implications for the remaining family members. Income is lost, the benefit of moral support and companionship ends, medical insurance coverage is no longer available, opportunities for the future are gone, and meeting regular expenses becomes impossible. Wrongful Death Lawyers in Vermont can assess the extend of those losses and help the family determine a level of compensation.

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