Jan 9, 2014

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Expect Both Health and Beauty from Dental Braces in Allen

The goal of orthodontic care is not just straight teeth. Orthodontists also aim to create healthy smiles for their patients. If teeth are crooked, the bite and jaw of the patient are probably not functioning correctly. By adjusting the location of each tooth, an orthodontist can correct bite problems and reduce strain on the jaw. Straight teeth are also less prone to gum problems in the future. Dental Braces in Allen are the most common way to manipulate teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile.

During the initial appointment with an orthodontist, the bite structure of the patient will be evaluated. The dentist will then be able to create a plan of action. For most people, braces will be included in the treatment. Braces are a combination of metal brackets and wires that are cemented onto the teeth. The arc of the wire is adjusted over time to slowly manipulate the teeth into a new position. This is done very slowly to ensure the teeth move in the correct manner. Braces treatment usually takes two years to complete, although some patients will need more or less time.

Sometimes braces are not enough to make the patient’s smile perfect. If the jaw needs to be moved forward or backward, the orthodontist may choose to add rubber bands to the treatment plan. These are worn over the braces to encourage the jaw to stay in a new position. They must be worn at all times, expect when eating. Headgear is sometimes needed to fix bite problems. It is usually only worn at night. If the tongue is not resting in the proper position, an appliance may be glue to the top of the mouth to move it. Most of these additional appliances are only needed for a short duration of the braces treatment.

In addition to creating beautiful, straight teeth, the team at Navarro Orthodontix makes smiles even healthier. Dental Braces in Allen slowly move the teeth into perfect alignment, while correcting bite problems and jaw issues at the same time. A fully functioning smile may lead to fewer dental problems down the road, and it will give the patient an extra boost of confidence.

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