Apr 27, 2015

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Excuse me, but you have a little something on your nose…

Excuse me, but you have a little something on your nose…

For generations people from all walks of life have been adorning their bodies with jewels, rhinestones, hopes and other piercings. Getting a nose piercing is unlike any other piercing. Given the location of the piercing proper aftercare is often difficult. This can lead to an increase in the probability of extremely painful (and potentially damaging) infection. The most important thing to remember after having gotten a nose piercing is to keep the piercing as clean as possible. This means washing the area twice daily (at minimum) with antiseptic and avoiding touching or pulling at the jewelry.

Nose rings are no longer taboo

Society has become more tolerant of the body modification community and no longer look down their noses at people choosing to wear nose rings. Unlike some of the more difficult or less practical piercings, nose rings,

  • Heal much more rapidly when cared for correctly
  • Offer a wider selection of nose jewelry
  • Much harder to pierce incorrectly and more less likely to be torn out or scar

Decisions…decisions…and more decisions

Deciding where to buy a nose ring is almost as difficult as deciding what kind of nose ring to buy.

Since nose rings are one of the most common piercing, there is no shortage of retailers available who carry them. Tattoo shops, hairdressers, online retailers, gift shops, clothing stores, flea markets and even bars have been known to stock a healthy inventory of nose rings in all shapes, sizes, colors, gauges and metals. Some questions that you may want to ask yourself when choosing a nose ring that is right for you are:

1. Do I prefer a hoop or a stud?
2. Do I have a color preference?
3. Will I keep this nose ring in for a long time or do I intend to change it frequently?
4. How will potential (or current) employers view my choice?
5. Do I prefer surgical steel, titanium, gold or another material?
6. Do I have any allergies to metal?

The nose knows what the nose knows

Piercings in the nasal cavity may be less likely to rip or tear, however, they are not immune to the risks of infections. The most common signs and symptoms of infected piercings include:

  • Rapid temperature changes at the piercing site
  • Redness, unusual itching, swelling
  • Strong pain, pressure or stinging around the piercing location
  • Unusual discharge, foul smelling puss, unclear fluids
  • A large amount of green-yellow crust forming around the jewelry

Following a proper hygiene routine, and remembering to frequently clean your jewelry (after the piercing has healed) will greatly limit the chances for infection and help to ensure that you are always happy with your piercing.

Any piercing that causes pain, discomfort, blood or discharge followed by fever, chills, nausea or fainting should immediately be addressed by a doctor to rule out a more serious infection.

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