Jun 17, 2016

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Excess skin around your tummy can be hard to budge

Excess skin around your tummy can be hard to budge

There is no doubt that there is a direct link between your physical appearance and the way you feel. This is a material world, and everyone is aware that snap judgments and decisions are made every moment, and, sometimes, within a few seconds of meeting people. Unfortunately, most people have unconscious bias, so these assessments can often be unfounded, but still they’re made. For example, someone encountering an overweight candidate for a job interview may immediately think that this person clearly lacks discipline and self-control. Even when this is not done with any malice intended, everyone has ideas of other people that are based on their previous experiences of certain appearances. It’s for this reason that many want to change the way they look to become more attractive. People are bombarded with images of beautiful people in the media, and feeling less than perfect can make a person feel insecure and undesirable.

Considering a cosmetic procedure

One of the most common procedures in the US is breast augmentation. Curvaceous women are considered highly attractive and feminine, and it seems that most women are unhappy with their natural breasts. Another common area of elective surgery is the tummy tuck. Particularly after pregnancy, women may find that they have excess skin or stretch marks. Women often tend to gain weight around their midriff area and when they manage to lose this weight, they are sometimes left with a flap of skin that simply can’t be removed through exercise. Women hate this excess skin as it limits the clothes they can wear and constantly reminds them of their former, much larger selves.

Arranging for a tummy tuck in Chicago

A tummy tuck procedure doesn’t only remove excess skin – it can also remove fat, and can assist in tightening the stomach muscles. In order for this procedure to be successful, you should probably have reached a stable weight without any dramatic fluctuations. If you think you will still lose more weight, you should consider putting off the tummy tuck until you achieve your goal weight. Chicagoland Aesthetics have several plastic surgeons that have vast experience in these procedures, and are likely to give you a cosmetic procedure that will be highly successful and will last a lifetime. Visit www.chicagolandaesthetics.com  for cosmetic procedures offered.

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