Jun 16, 2014

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Examples of Corporate Team Building Activities

Engaging your staff in Team Building activities can increase production in the workplace. These events are generally stimulating to the body and mind, which helps employees bond in a relaxed environment. Additionally, employees will learn problem solving skills, trust, respect, and the value of communication. If you feel as though your workplace environment group setting could use some improvement, registering your staff in some of these activities can put your office back on track.

Climbing Challenge
Some Team Building activities are created to take staff members out of their comfort zone. One such activity is a Rope Climbing Course. This challenge helps members of your staff work together as a team unit, as they must spot and support each other as they make the climb. This activity helps to build trust as well, since it is next to impossible to reach the top without relying on your teammates for help.

Scavenger Hunt
A Savenger Hunt is a great Team Building exercise because each team member will have to pull his or her own weight for the team to complete its objectives. In some cases, organizers will create the Scavenger Hunt in the woods and give each team a GPS to find all of the items. This event teaches members to work together to reach a common goal, which is a very important skill to have in the workplace.

Building Things
Building a structure from scratch encourages team members to work together in a variety of ways. First, they will have to brainstorm ways in which to build the structure with limited resources. Next, they will have to build the structure from the supplied materials. Finally, they will have to test the structure to make sure that it functions properly. One of the most important aspects of building something is to delegate roles within the group and for each team member to take responsibility for the delegated tasks.


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