Dec 3, 2015

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Everything you need to know about pressed juice cleanse

Everything you need to know about pressed juice cleanse

Over the last few years there has been phenomenal interest in drinking nothing more than pressed juices over a couple of days. Many people who have submitted to a pressed juice cleanse swear that this method of detoxifying the body led to increased levels of energy, a marked difference in the clarity of their skin and a reduction in digestive problems.

Although the liver and kidneys eliminate unneeded waste, proponents are of the opinion that a juice based cleanse basically “jump-starts” their commitment to a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle, a juice based diet also is an excellent way of getting the healthy nutrients that are in fruits and vegetables. Those who are committed to juicing find that there is more than just physical benefits, there are psychological benefits as well; motivation to get healthy and stay that way and the ability to focus better and think clearer.

Weight loss:

A pressed juice cleanse is not really designed as a weight loss aid but it is certainly not unusual that people who do it to lose some weight. Not everyone will lose weight, if anything weight loss is more of a side effect of a pressed juice cleanse. The reason that not everyone loses weight is that the juice contains all the calories you need. The whole idea of detoxifying is to start you on a new healthy eating regimen, those that do lose weight often regain it if they finish the program and return to their previous unhealthy eating habits.

The right way to juice:

A pressed juice cleanse might not be the right thing for everyone, it is like everything else, it requires study and research. It is important that once you are convinced that it is for you that you ensure that the juice is all-natural, you must be sure that nothing but natural raw ingredients are used, low fructose cold pressed juice is far better for you than those that include added sugar.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about a pressed juice cleanse once you have identified the best option. It is recommended that rather than go from a regular diet which includes greasy foods immediately to green juices, you should first enjoy a nutrient rich diet for perhaps three or four weeks. Once you have completed the cleanse; reintroduce solid food back into your diet slowly.

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