Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Poke Specials in Dallas

Poke specials in Dallas involve marinated raw fish. While the dish hails from Hawaii originally, food lovers all over the world have come to love these dishes. Curious about where to start? Here’s what you need to know about ordering poke specials.

How is the Fish Prepared?

Typically, poke involves cutting fish into cubes. The fish is then placed into a marinade that may include soy sauce, oil, and onion. Customized poke specials in Dallas use different marinades depending on the overall flavor the dish is trying to achieve. Some may use sesame seed oil, and some may use spicier ingredients for an added boost of flavor.

What Type of Protein Choices Other Than Tuna Are Available?

The type of protein used in a poke bowl will depend upon the establishment you choose. The most traditional form of poke involves either raw tuna or octopus. However, as poke has become more popular outside of Hawaii, establishments in the U.S. have included a greater variety of proteins, including shrimp, salmon and tofu.

What Else Goes Into a Poke Bowl?

Poke specials are typically served in a poke bowl. These bowls include a base such as brown or white sushi rice. To accommodate customers watching their carbs, some establishments will include zucchini noodles or vegetables as a possible base. After the base, the protein is added. To top the bowl, a variety of pickled, crunchy, salty, or spicy toppings are added. To make all of the flavors come together, the poke bowl will include a sauce, typically soy or wasabi based.

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