Apr 1, 2014

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Event Apps for iPhone Can Help You Minimize Hassles

If you’re getting ready to host a large conference or similar gathering, try using event apps for iPhone to avoid inconveniences that could raise your stress level and adversely affect the experiences of attendees. Continue reading to learn about some examples of situations where smartphone technology and successful events go hand-in-hand.

Readily Accessible Information

Regardless of the size or type of your gathering, it’s crucial to make sure everyone feels as informed as possible upon arrival, and through the entire conference. Taking care of that foundational piece could mean you won’t require as many on-site staff members because attendees can answer their own questions by referring to an app.

Schedule Synching Capabilities

Some event finder apps for iPhone seamlessly integrate with the device’s built-in calendar, allowing people to quickly identify where they want to go, and at what time. You can also add data such as how long a presenter is scheduled to speak. When a person knows that sort of information in advance, he or she should find it’s easier to set priorities, rather than wondering whether a particular seminar will finish in time so as to not disrupt the next part of an agenda.

Ability to Collect Survey Data

Feedback from your attendees will certainly be valuable over time as you evaluate how to make improvements for next year. However, it can also be extremely helpful to take spontaneous surveys, and deliver them through event apps for iPhone.

Perhaps you’re getting a meal catered to your conference, and want to know the percentage of people who would prefer a vegetable pasta dish versus a meat casserole. When your caterer has set a deadline for your response, you can get feedback quickly by asking attendees to take a few minutes to submit their choices through a survey.

Alternatively, maybe you’re hosting a panel for music industry professionals and want to know whether it would be more beneficial for participants to focus on topics related to digital music services or physical products like compact discs and vinyl records.

In both these cases, it’s easy to get feedback from attendees and tailor offerings accordingly.

By now, it should be clear how event apps for iPhone can easily help your guests settle in, but help you breathe easier, as well. Depend on them today to stay more organized in the days leading up to and including your meeting.

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