Jun 18, 2015

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Established Janitorial Company in The Woodlands TX

Established Janitorial Company in The Woodlands TX

A Janitorial Company in The Woodlands TX that was established over 50 years ago that provides cleaning supplies, pool chemicals, equipment sales, and rentals at competitive pricing. Parts and repair services are also available. Cleaning supplies are broken down into several categories so customers can find what they need quickly. Facility maintenance and safety items, for example, includes hand tools, utility carts, caution cones and A framed signs, shoe pads, back-belts, hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, masks, and white coveralls. Each item has many choices and sizes available to suit every need across industries. Gloves in all sizes are available in work glove materials, plastic cleaning gloves, and sterile gloves.

There are chemicals for every cleaning job, including carpet care, glass cleaners, floor strippers, all-purpose cleaners, drain cleaners and openers, wood polishes, grill and oven cleaners, detergents and bleach. Foggers and herbicides, insecticides, repellant, and baits are available. Accessories like spray bottles, pumps, and jugs are available. Dispensers for toilet paper, hand towels, soap, sanitizer, and multiple chemical dispensers can be found in many sizes. There is a category that contains anything needed for trash collection and containment. There are trash containers of every size, regular liners, heavy duty liners, and liners for odor control. Food service, office, and break room supplies are offered as well. Some companies, like Ridley’s Vacuum & Janitorial, offer green seal certified products and machines to help protect the environment.

In addition to cleaning supplies, this Janitorial Company in The Woodlands TX, also sells and rents a wide variety of equipment. Restroom cleaning equipment, scrubbers, dryers, and sweepers are available. Click here to know more. Customers can also purchase or rent extractors, pressure washers, vacuums, burnishers, buffers, industrial sweepers, and polishers. rental units are inspected and fully maintained, so there will be time wasted trying to get the machine to run properly. Renters will save money on water, chemicals, and energy since all the machines are green. On-site repairs of existing machines is an offered service. They will repair any make and model of machine whether you purchased it form them or not. Professional repairs done at the business location will save money and time on transportation and downtime of the machinery.

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