Jul 30, 2015

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Essential Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles to Obtain

Starting a business is a very stress filled experience, but well worth the trouble. The food service industry is among the lucrative and competition filled out there. The process of starting a restaurant begins with obtaining the right permits. Getting the right permits will take a bit of time, but it is necessary in order to avoid fines. Working with the right professionals will allow the business owner to get the help they need to follow local laws and statutes. Usually, a new restaurant owner will not have the knowledge needed to get all of the appropriate permits. Here are some of the essential restaurant permits in Los Angeles that need to be obtained.

Remodeling Requires a Permit

Remodeling a commercial building to put a restaurant in is a very common occurrence. Most cities will require a building permit to be issued before this type of work can commence. The restaurant owner will need to make sure they find out all of the details of these permits before the work begins. The more the business owner knows about the requirements in their area regarding remodeling, the easier they will find it to stay in compliance and avoid hefty fines.

Getting an Alcohol Permit

Serving alcohol in a restaurant is a quite common thing that will also require the obtaining of a permit. Usually, the fire marshal of the town will have to come in and inspect the building to ensure it is up to code. Having things like fire extinguishers and clearly lit exit signs in order for the fire marshal to sign off. The obtaining of an alcohol license can be a lengthy process, but well worth it for the business owner. Calling the licensing board in a state will allow the business owner to find out all of the requirements they need to meet.

Getting professional help with the restaurant permits in Los Angeles needed can be very beneficial for a business owner. The team at Orchid Construction has the experience needed to help a business obtain all of the permits they need to open a restaurant. Call them or visit their website for more information.

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