Mar 7, 2016

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Essential Considerations When Choosing An Airplane Tug

Essential Considerations When Choosing An Airplane Tug

Moving airplanes back into a terminal, a hanger or simply around on the runways is an important part of keeping an airport running efficiently. This task is handled by specialized equipment that may be called an airplane tug, pushback tractor, tow tractor or an aircraft tow tractor.

There are many different styles, brands and sizes of airplane tug models available on the market today. Knowing which is best for your airport facility is critical in making a good choice for these high-value items that are necessary for any type of airport.

Simply choosing by price alone, without considering what you need the airplane tug to be able to move, including the size of the planes, will not be an effective way to make a choice. Instead, by carefully considering what duties and roles you need the tractor for making a decision will be much more efficient and ensure you get just the equipment you need.

Planes and Sizes

While it may seem obvious, all airplane tug models and styles are rated as to the weight they are able to handle and move. Remember, these tractors will have to start the plane from a dead stop, so the power of the tug is essential to consider.

Additionally, the size of the tractor also limits the area where it can be used. This is why smaller airport facilities, which will also have smaller aircraft landing and taking off, tend to use the smaller size of tractors. Oversizing the tractor isn’t effective or efficient and can actually cause problems in maneuvering the plane and the tractor in tight spaces.

Towbarless airplane tug designs are becoming more popular due to their ease of use and maneuvering of the plane. These types of tractors also provide increased safety for operators and are considered a safer option since the tug operator has better control over the movement of the plane.

New, Refurbished or Rental

If you are looking for a lower cost airplane tug choosing a refurbished model, regardless of the size, is a cost effective option. However, before making a purchase of either a new or refurbished tractor rental for a few weeks or months can be a very smart decision.

By renting the airplane tug models you are considering you have an extended “test drive” period, allowing your crews to experience using the specific equipment and providing feedback as to its actual operation based on the airport requirements.

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