Feb 26, 2014

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Equipment Rental Saves Time and Money for Area Contractors

While Baltimore area contractors generally own a great deal of equipment needed to accomplish their typical jobs, there are times when renting a specific piece of equipment can save time and money. Area companies specialize in providing that equipment at competitive prices, minimizing employee downtime and keeping jobs on track.

Renting equipment for construction projects generally occurs for a couple of reasons. First, unique circumstances may exist making a piece of equipment unsuitable. For example, a backhoe may normally be perfectly usable for most jobs, but where soil conditions make it difficult or impossible for a backhoe to function, an excavator may be required to keep the project moving. In that type of situation, excavator rental in Baltimore, MD makes sense.
Another scenario when equipment is often rented occurs when a required piece of equipment breaks down and requires repairs taking an extended period of time. No one can afford to shut down a job when a Bobcat needs repairs. Renting a replacement skid loader simply makes sound economic sense. Again, top area equipment rental sources like Slaymaker Rental and Supply Co. (Slaymakergroup.com) work with contractors to ensure delays are avoided.

Of course area contractors may elect to rent equipment that is rarely used. Accountants often recommend renting when the cost of owning a specific piece of equipment is simply too great for the amount of use it would receive. If a lift, for example, might only be needed three or four times per year, it is far less costly to rent one than to have one parked for eleven months.

Anytime excavator rental in Baltimore, MD is needed, knowing where the equipment is available is also critical for area contractors. Not all companies rent every type of equipment. Get to know the best companies in the area so locating needed machinery is not difficult. Simply stopping into an equipment rental company to see what type of equipment is available is also a good idea. Routinely working with the same equipment rental company helps area contractors save both time and money. Renting equipment also allows contractors to test a variety of machines under actual job site conditions, seeing which equipment might be a good future purchase.

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