Entrusting Your Case to a Skillful Forest Park Child Custody Lawyer

When your children’s other parent leaves you and takes the kids with them, you might fear losing contact with your children entirely. You want to know you can still visit them and even have a hand in how they are raised.

However, the other parent might block every attempt of yours to see the children and maintain any influence over them. Rather than fight this other parent alone, you can retain legal counsel like a Forest Park child custody lawyer to represent you.

Shared Custody Petition

You may actually want to keep shared custody of your children so they can spend just as much time with you as they do the other parent. You can ask your attorney to file a petition to have custody of the children divided equally with you. You may get to have the children stay with you for several days during the week, as well as every other weekend.

Your attorney can also ask the court to give you time with the children during holiday and summer breaks. You may also have an equal say in how they are raised so you can maintain your status as a loving and involved parent.

You can find out more about the services a Forest Park child custody lawyer can provide to you online. To set up an immediate consultation or learn what legal services are available, contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC.

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