Enrolling Your Little One In A Montessori Program

A critical time in your child’s life, the developmental years serve as the foundation of his growth through childhood and adolescence. The ultimate in experiential education, the Montessori Method is a unique way for children to develop their sense of self and explore their own curiosity. With a curriculum unique to each child’s needs, this integrated approach is perfect for parents looking to get a head start on their child’s education.

With kid-sized furniture and amenities, the Montessori classroom is designed specifically for little hands and minds. Teachers customize schedules and curriculums based on individual needs and skills, letting each child take the helm of his own progress. With a range of ages in each room, children become role models for each other as they engage with others who have already mastered similar skills.

While modern schools tout the delineation of science, math, and reading, the Montessori method takes a much more intuitive approach to learning. Each child explores at his own pace, with activities spanning everything from practical life and sensory development to language, art, and geography (of course, standard academic topics are introduced when appropriate!). Field trips and hands-on experiments hone your little one’s inner scientist while motivating him to learn more. Encouraged to challenge their own curiosity, a sense of community develops between children who have no choice but to mobilize teamwork to accomplish goals.

At Alpine Montessori, we are as committed to your little one’s learning as you are. To learn more about our program or to enrol your child in care, contact us at Alpine Montessori. We look forward to hearing from you!

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