Aug 25, 2015

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Enjoying the Beauty of Traverse City

Enjoying the Beauty of Traverse City

Right in the middle of the beautiful and serene landscape that Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay has to offer, is a peninsula that goes by the name of Old Mission Peninsula. It just so happens that this particular peninsula is perfectly situated upon the 45th parallel, which means that it is a more than perfect climate for growing a specific type of grapes – varietal. Varietal grapes are very special to people because those are the type of grapes that create everyone’s beloved wine.

Award Winning Wines

The wine tasting that occurs in Traverse City and the wine being produced/manufactured in the region is known throughout the world and gaining the respect of many wine enthusiasts across the globe. Wine tasting in the Traverse City used to be one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets, but as time progresses – the eight wineries that are located on Old Mission Peninsula, are becoming a desired vacation spot. Old Mission Peninsula is producing some award winning variations and flavors on wines, which include:

* Chardonnay
* Riesling
* Pinot Grigio
* Pinot Noir
* Merlot
* Gewürztraminer
* And many more…

Do Not Be Embarrassed

Some people may be apprehensive about going wine tasting, but that may merely be because they never have before and perhaps they are embarrassed to be surrounded by their fellow wine enthusiast friends. Wine tasting, especially in Traverse City, is an activity that can be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that is involved. Traverse City treats every new comer, as they are a part of the community and/or family – and many of the tour guides have been living in the area their entire lives.

Wine Tasting for People on Every Level

Tours throughout the area can accommodate any level of wine enthusiast, whether people are first timers or wine connoisseurs – everything will be gone over in extreme detail so no one feels left out. There is no need to feel embarrassed if one has never experienced a wine tasting event before; there are also many breweries in the area for all of those beer lovers out there!

Traverse City is becoming increasingly more popular because of the amazing customer service and tours that they offer to people who are visiting. The tours are unique and can be adjusted to meet each and every persons’ specified tastes – whether they are there to go wine tasting, or just to enjoy the jaw dropping views that are located throughout the area.

Take part in what Traverse City has to offer. From wine tasting to astonishing views, come check out our tours and set up your next vacation.

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