May 7, 2014

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Enjoying Favorite Foods at a Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH

A Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH is always a popular choice at lunchtime. Restaurant patrons know they can choose from a wide variety of foods and meals, and they get their food quickly. They don’t need to spend time considering menu items and waiting for their meals to be served. Instead, they immediately head to the buffet, grab a plate and start dishing up delicious food. With full plates, everyone sits at a booth or table and digs right in.

A restaurant such as the Happy Rose Buffet Chinese & Japanese Restaurant offers Asian meals featuring seafood, chicken, pork and beef, and the chef also serves some vegetarian options. General Tso’s chicken, pork lo mein, coconut shrimp, beef with broccoli and Buddha’s delight are some common options on a buffet because so many people enjoy these dishes. A large selection of sushi also is provided, with items such as spicy tuna roll and rainbow roll. Customers can enjoy soups such as won ton and egg drop, and foods that normally are served as appetizers, such as crab Rangoon and spring rolls.

Restaurant customers who are in the mood for American-style food will be satisfied when they come to this buffet with their friends or co-workers. Along with the Asian favorites, the buffet features foods such as spareribs, crab legs, roast beef, baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. It’s hard for fans of Chinese food to imagine, but some individuals prefer the familiar standby meals featuring meat and potatoes. The chefs at a Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH make sure that these less adventurous persons have plenty to eat when their friends and relatives want to go out for Chinese food.

Anyone who likes dessert should save some room for choices such as cheesecake, chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, cherry pie and a variety of bars and cookies. It might be difficult for customers to convince themselves to hold back on the other courses, however, considering the abundance of tempting items. Everyone should open a fortune cookie before they head out the door, as the fortune may give them some interesting insight into the rest of the day.

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