Jun 24, 2015

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Enjoy the Captivating Beauty and Design of Kerala with a Houseboat Tour

There is much to be seen and explored along the beautiful grounds of Kerala and a houseboat is the best way to enjoy the beauty of all it has to offer. No visit to Kerala is complete without taking in the refreshing backwater scenery via the luxurious Kerala houseboats. This is one of the most raved about highlights of visiting this beautiful place and every visitor leaves feeling in awe of the beautiful features they experience during the tour. These tours are presented in a variety of packages that make it possible to accommodate almost any budget. There is something for everyone to enjoy and houseboat tours create memories that last forever. Operators of these tours are excited to reveal the hidden gems of the Kerala waters to all of its guests.

The Design

All of the houseboats are built with quality construction and innovative design for the safety and enjoyment of the tourists. The layout and floorplans of them vary but all offer unique features and quality accommodations to enhance the experience of the tour. For travel comfort and convenience, there are houseboats available with AC and for those who enjoy to rough it with a more rugged tour, the non-AC option is available also. The rooms that are located on the houseboats are comfortable and all come with well-catered services. Many visitors to Kerala have raved that the houseboat tours was one of the highlights of their stay and often suggests others not to leave without taking advantage of the beautiful tour.

Divine History

Early years proved to have a different purpose for the houseboats as they were used to transport village goods to and from the port. Gradually, this service faded and use for the houseboat began to fade as well. They stayed off the circuit for a while but would eventually make a return as a tourist attraction magnet. Many Kerala tour packages included the houseboat cruise as a mainstream attraction that drew the attention of travelers from all around the world. The scenery is so captivating and enjoyable that many honeymoon travelers are inclined to make this tour a sure part of their honeymoon. The environment is romantic and sets an ambiance that inspires every aspect of love. Travelers can enjoy a variety of activities in Kerala but the houseboat tour is a must see for all.

The Kerala Houseboat sets the standard for quality holiday travel. Lumiere Holidays understands the need to include variety in any tour package.

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