Aug 27, 2019

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Enjoy the Beauty of Gorgeous Chandeliers from Bygone Days to Modern Times

Enjoy the Beauty of Gorgeous Chandeliers from Bygone Days to Modern Times

Almost everyone would agree that the finer chandeliers are always dramatic and beautiful. These types of lighting fixtures have been around for many centuries. The earliest versions were crafted from simple wooden crossbeams with spaces for wax candles. Only the very wealthy and royalty had these opulent lights at first. Over time, more ordinary households began using smaller chandelier lights in the modest homes back in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Chandeliers Revealed

There are many historical buildings across Chicago with phenomenal examples of gorgeous chandeliers. The inhabitants from bygone days relied on for indoor light at night. You can discover how these impressive lighting fixtures have been revised for use in our modern times. Today, customers can find delightful rustic chandeliers suited for country styled decor. Alternately, consumers will see simple metal versions of these lights perfect for lighting a contemporary kitchen or dining area.

How to Use a Chandelier in Bedroom Spaces

While most of us think of dazzling crystal chandeliers gracing elegant entryways of grand homes, there are simpler design styles that can accent a smaller space. These scaled-down lighting fixtures make wonderful additions to a bedroom space. These glorious chandeliers from a Chicago lighting retailer can be used to create a romantic atmosphere whenever the light’s soft glow shines.

Find Vintage Lighting Fixtures With Modern Twists

More homeowners today are discovering that chandeliers in vintage designs can still be relevant in today’s modern society. Some of the fixtures have a decidedly modern twist, such as those that blend antiqued metals with contemporary glass well suited for industrial styled rooms.

Whatever your lighting passions and desires, come discover what types of chandeliers a Chicago lighting gallery has on display. Visit Fox Lighting Galleries to view our vast lighting collection or access our website anytime.

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