Enjoy More Comfort and Space When Living Off-Campus in West Lafayette

Living off campus can provide many benefits. If you find the right apartment, you will have more space, you will have access to a variety of amenities, and you can have a pet. Here are a few things you should expect with Purdue University off-campus housing.

It is possible to get a studio and live alone. It is also possible to share an apartment with several roommates. If you choose one of the floor plans that has multiple bedrooms with the goal of having a few roommates, you will still have a single bedroom. Your bedroom may also have a private bathroom. The apartments are fully furnished. You can expect a complete kitchen that has a microwave and dishwasher. You can also expect the apartment to have a wash machine and dryer. For those who would like to have a roommate but need a little assistance finding one, the Purdue University off-campus housing management offers roommate matching services.

Before moving into the apartment, make sure you understand the pet policy if you plan to bring your beloved pet with you or get a pet while in school. Some places have restrictions on the types of pets you can have or their size. Some only allow a small cat or dog. Before setting up a large aquarium or getting other pets, make sure you understand the policy.

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