Dec 16, 2014

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Enjoy Luxury Living? Look at Gramercy Park!

You might expect it to be difficult to find a luxury apartment available for sale in Manhattan, but it doesn’t have to be. If you like upscale living and want to make your home in luxury apartments, Gramercy Park is the right place for you!

Popular Historic District

Gramercy Park is known as being an upscale area of Manhattan and the apartments are sought after. Many of the buildings in the district are historic and were designed by famous architects of the times. Celebrities of the past and present have flocked to this area of New York because it is fairly quiet and they can enjoy some semblance of a private life in the bustling big city.

The good news is that new apartments are being built in the area. If you are looking for high-quality, luxury apartments, Gramercy Park has them available to buy now.

Easy Commute

There are several subway stops in the area of Gramercy Park, so you can get around to much of Manhattan relatively easily and quickly. Getting to work or other activities from Gramercy Park will be easy by transit, so you won’t have to worry about spending a long time communing every day. Just hop on the subway and you’re almost there.

Other Amenities

There are many parks and green spaces within walking distance of the Gramercy Park area. Gramercy Park itself is a private park and can only be accessed by key holders, but there are other parks in the area to enjoy. The green spaces are good for the soul and help to make city living bearable.

The Flatiron District is just a few blocks away, from Gramercy Park, within easy walking distance. SoHo is also not very far from Gramercy Park, as are some other fun areas of Manhattan. Living in the area will allow you to partake of the active nightlife and arts communities.

Making Gramercy Park your new home is something that you should definitely consider when you are ready to move. You’re sure to enjoy the luxury apartments Gramercy Park has to offer and the atmosphere of this area is something that you can’t find anywhere else in New York City.



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