Enhance your Patio with an Awning

The modern awning is an essential part of many patio areas these days. There are many types of awning, including manually operated and automatic. However, aside from the method of propulsion there are also different versions of the product in terms of manufacturing style. For instance, there are single cable arm designs, double cable arm designs and various different types of casing. Some awnings are simple roller awnings, others are inside a weatherproof case and others are inside a weatherproof tube. Sizes also vary in terms of how much reach they have when opened. This is known as the projection and most average awnings have a projection of around ten feet to fifteen feet.

Types and Kinds

There are many other kinds of awning, that we see in our everyday lives. For example, on store fronts, store windows, bar windows, theaters, and cafes. In other parts of the world awnings are used in a similar fashion on barber shop store fronts, fruit and vegetable stores, outdoor and curbside restaurants and market stalls. The actual birth of the awning was spawned by market stall holders back in the days of the ancient Syrians and ancient Egyptian civilizations. The market stall holders had to spend many hours exposed to the hot dessert sun during market days. Therefore, a few stall holders set up crude coverings for their stalls, so that the food and the vendor would stay shaded and cooler. They used thin canvas or cloth just to filter the sun away from the stall and keep the fresh produce in the shade. This was also the days before refrigeration so keeping the fruit and vegetables on the stall in the shade was vital to their freshness and longevity.

People who are looking for awnings Suffolk might like to know that they can purchase special automated awnings that have a specific addition useful to them. The weather sensor is a modern and highly useful addition to modern awnings because it has a sensor that detects quickening wind speeds. If the wind gets above a certain speed the awning is set to automatically retract by itself, without the aid of the owner. This handy little benefit can certainly help when the winds are high and you cannot be there to retract the awning yourself.


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