Mar 25, 2016

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Engine Component Machining – Some Basics Explained

Engine Component Machining – Some Basics Explained

CNC machining has impacted countless businesses and industries. This is largely in part to the rise of engine component machining, which provides the necessary materials for the engines needed in many different industries. Read on for some more basic information on what all this process entails.

What is Machining?
Machining basically means any process, or variety of processes, through with a piece of raw material is cut into a desired shape and size through a controlled material-removal process. When people refer to machining, they’re typically referring to the machining of metal products, although wood, plastic, composites, and ceramic can also be used. CNC machining is the most popular form of machining in this day and age, with computers controlling the movement and operation of the mills doing the cutting. Although machining is a giant industry, it is also a hobby for many people.

What Gets Made?
Engine component machining really begins with design. experienced cnc machining companies should be able to collaborate with your team throughout the entire design and manufacturing process to help accelerate your product to market. Since you’ll be working directly with engineers, you’ll be able to customize the engine components you’re looking to make.

How Do Companies Help?
The best part of working with an experienced CNC engineering company is undeniably the project management. You’ll have a single point of contact throughout the process and someone to guide you through the transition from internal manufacturing to the outsourcing of components and assemblies. Companies will also help you analyze and compare the costs of different materials and manufacturing methods. This will help you stay on budget, reduce costs, and shorten the design phase.

Where Do These Components Go?
The engine components manufactured in CNC milling factories find their homes in complex machinery all over the world. Three of the largest industries served by engine component machining are the aerospace, power generation, and defense industries. In the aerospace industry, CNC machining provides gas turbine engine components for business jets, helicopters, and commercial aircraft. Similar engines are also used in military aircraft. So the next time you see a plane pass overhead, remember that it’s likely staying up thanks to CNC machining!

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