Feb 25, 2014

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Emergency Veterinarian in Chicago

Just as in the case of a child or any other significant member of your family, when your pet gets sick, it needs medical treatment. No one knows your pet like you. When you get sick you should go to the doctor for medical treatment to get you back to your normal self.  Shouldn’t it be the same for your pet? If you are looking for a veterinarian in Chicago, you have several options, but there are few things you should consider before making your decision. You want to be able to trust them with your pet, make sure that they are not too far from your location, and offer emergency services.

If you think that your pet is having a medical emergency, you are probably right. You know what your pet needs right now. The first thing you should do is to remain calm so that you can think clearly to take the appropriate action to take care of your pet. You can contact a veterinarian emergency room to get specific recommendations for your pet. Some signs and symptoms that may indicate a pet emergency are inability to walk, bleeding, accidental ingestion of a hazardous toxin or item, lacerations, difficulty giving birth, motor vehicle accidents, and seizures.

If you do take your pet to the emergency room, understand that the emergency room veterinarians are working with other pets and their owners to assess and evaluate their needs as quick as possible and treat them according to the severity of their condition. If you do not have transportation to the veterinarian emergency room, there are a few taxi services in Chicago that offer pet-friendly transportation. It is also a good idea to have a friend drive you and your pet to the veterinarian emergency room so that you can monitor your pet’s condition on the way. Pet patient forms can be completed online prior to arrival to the emergency room if time is available. The veterinarian emergency room you select should offer 24/7 service and primary care.  They should be compassionate, experienced, and cost conscious of emergency care. Go online to find a veterinarian in Chicago that is right for you and your pet. Go to website for more information.

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