Embroidery and Graphic Design in Kansas City

Most people are pretty amazed when they find out just how lucrative an embroidery business actually is. When they hear the word embroidery, they often think of their grandmother sitting on her porch embroidering floral designs on to pillow cases, but the process involves so much more than just putting a pretty design on fabric items around your home. Embroidery services are offered by most companies that deal in screen printing and graphic design. The technique is considered a high quality technique to place names, logos, and other designs on work uniforms, baseball caps, team apparel and other clothing accessories. The reason the process is so popular is because once the product is complete, then the stitching will never fade or chip away like it could do with other types of methods. The process of embroidery has evolved quite a lot over the past several decades. Even though the general idea is the same, the technique has been improved by graphic design companies, so that they can give their customers durable products on a mass produced level. If you are thinking about purchasing printed apparel products in bulk, then you should consider an embroidery company in Kansas City to get the job done.

Digitalizing Embroidery Products for Daily Use

One service that is often offered by embroidery companies is product digitalization services. This service is useful for companies who would like their own logo imprinted on t-shirts or other items. Even individuals order custom screen printed products, and products that are embroidered, because there is usually no minimum amount required when an order is placed. Screen printing apparel companies will always have you approve the artwork before they start the job, so you can’t beat the services or prices that they offer. Whether you want a simple embroidered shirt to wear around the house, or multiple shirts for gifts or for your company employees, these companies can get the job done effectively to where you will be 100% satisfied before you receive the finished products. They will tweak the design until you are completely happy. Digitalizing embroidery is where you send an embroidery company a logo, name, or other image that you want displayed on your apparel, and they scan this image into a computer where it is finally sent to an embroidery machine. The machine then replicates the image and prints it on the apparel. By using a machine, the process is much faster, more accurate, and better quality than what it would be if done by hand.

Highly Talented Graphic Designers in the Embroidery Industry

Many online companies have access to highly qualified graphic designers. If an image is out of line, or if the colors are slightly out of contrast, then the graphic designer will correct the image and send it back to the customer for approval. Once the customer is satisfied with the new and improved design, it is then fed through the machine and created. These designers can also create images from scratch if you want something special.

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